Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dear Bella...

Dear Bella,

Sorry for long wait in order for u to have some news from me. I just get back from my long journey of making choice in my life. It was really stressful and a bit make me really angry. I know that this thing also make u really angry coz i really did not take a good care of you.

But then I can smell that there are so many wolves that hunting over you. I hope u can do take care of yourself Bella. I know it may also make u confuse to make choice either to choose vampire like me or wolf like Jacob.

Maybe right now u r really happy to enjoy your life. I am thinking that I need more time to get back to you. Right now I'm still at Italy in order to provoke the Voltury. So, this may take really long time. I need to make choice there.

Really love u Bella. Just do take care of yourself, even normal people says that you cannot trust vampires, but please, trust me. Because I know that u really love me on whatever I am doing right now. But then if the wolf has make u happier than me, just let me go for the ritual. You will be always in my heart Bella.

Edward Cullen.

***Monolog sementara mendapatkan mood untuk berblogging kembali...hohoo... :p


hahahaha... gitu la nampaknya...aahahah

oiii.. saje wat aku xsabo nak nengok eclipse! huuu..

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