I’m going to Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair.

17th April 2010

10AM till 5PM

Berjaya Times Square Ground Floor Foyer

There are a lot of prizes to be win worth more than RM15000.Wow!!!

So, the prizes consist of electronic gadgets, handphone, computers even also cash voucher to be win by anybody!

It s absolutely FREE as u can pay for your time to spent for this BIG and one of the most EXCITING activities which sponsored by Gatsby.

The best thing is the STREET FAIR!

A lot of activities will be held there and u can freely enjoy all of these exciting activities such as Sumo, and if u didn't like this embarrassing activity, there will be simple activity for u.

So, just come with as many friends as u like to enjoy this FREE activity and win the prizes here.

How can u go to this event???

By car or motocycle - just go to for Jalan Bukit Bintang area. Just look after "Jalan Bukit Bintang" signboard, and then u can clearly see the Berjaya Times Square.

By train - From KL Sentral station, just take monorail to Jalan Imbi Station. (from KL sentral, u just need to walk along pedestrian walk to go to monorail station, it takes about 10 minutes walk)

For more information of this event, just log on to www.gatsby.com.my/streetfair


For bloggers who want to join me, just PM me via email or shout it on my Cbox.Thanks!

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March 10, 2010


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