Be Professional & Love your friend.

This entry is based on what I can see from people around me.

Most of young people especially who have completed their study which is still looking for job, are not really Professional. What I mean here is on how to take a good care of their Public Relation among each other.

Most of the graduates nowadays, are all just having fun with their friends. But then, if the friend that they have is not really have a good asset or not in a good status, normally will be forgotten or else will be removed into Recycle Bin. Why do I say all sort of people which is not really important being thrown into the dustbin??

This is because this type of graduates (which have a good result from Best reputation university all across the country) normally will "recycle" their friend when they become somebody. Which means that this Recycle Bin type of friend have been reuse in order for these type of "high class" student (during study period) to get placed for job or else to get for a better place.

This is not a professional action. I believe that most people will agree with me. When someone facing the bad time in their life have been treat as rubbish. But when we need them in our own bad time, we just come and treat the rubbish to be recycled back.

So, please be professional. Treat your "rubbish" professionally. If u didn't want to do so, just throw the "rubbish" away far from your life. Don't ever come and collect back that ugly fucking "rubbish" because these type of friend actually the worst thing in this world.
March 15, 2010


  1. I hope your advise is not based on the assumption that all 'graduates, based on your criteria' are the same.

    For those who are really 'bad', that negative side of them are usually who they are, ever since they were undergraduates. However, many still care about friendship built during university/college years.

    Do note that as we end a journey (i.e. graduate from uni) most of us do not cross paths when moving forward for our career. Things will just get left, wherever we bid goodbyes.

    My personal experience could have been somehow similar but on the opposite site. Maybe 1-day I'll write them for an entry.

    Cheer-up. Life must goes on :D

  2. My advise is not by an assumption for all graduates.. Most of them. It depends on their background of studies.

    Most of graduates via "express programmes" may be in this type. Maybe because they didnt really mature to run into real life.

    Maybe.. :p

  3. if i hate em, i'll leave em and never come back. ;]

  4. we get matured, move on, met other friends and sometimes we forget to look back. but being a good friend, we have to remind them that we're still here, and still a friend to them. and remind them that once upon a time they had written at our little note book 'friendship forever'~ ;)

  5. The things that make I hate these type of friend is, when we try to remind them, they treat us like a beggar who really need money from them. Even though we did't want their money, but we just want the bond to be greater.

    What to do, people always forget. Especially when we have happy life.

  6. yup yup. but whatever it is.. just make sure that we wont be like them. ;)


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